I finally got the Gaston intro done!

we had also add on some translate too if any of my chinese speaking followers care~

Gaston… now in Chinese! 加斯頓… 現有中文!

And in case you’re wondering… “Rogntudju” is translated as “混帳東西” (“b**st**d thing”)! Brilliant.

(Sasa… if only Franquin had wished for Gaston to continue… maybe you should have drawn it!)

Gaston – The Last Laugh (Gaston – Le Dernier Gag) – Guillaume Bouzard

A page by Bouzard for the Gaston special, Spirou #3672. Bouzard is the author of Tim Tim & Doom Doom, amongst other things.

Horto (from the Forum Inedispirou) and I have a bit of a thing for Bouzard’s work. At the Festival Spirou, Horto had a little word with Frédéric Niffle, the current editor-in-chief of Spirou, about the need for some Bouzard albums…

Gaffes in the Gutter (Des Gaffes dans la Goulotte) – Stan & Vince

A page for the Gaston special, Spirou #3762.


hongkonghiraeth asked:

Don't tell me you like Gaston Lagaffe AND Digimon?! That would be too awesome. *swoon*




Gomamon is my fav digibaby

This is mixing up all my tags and blogs, and it’s not a translation, but whatever. It’s the dream!

Another Dreamer (Un Autre Rêve) – Jean-Michel Thiriet & Laurel

A page for the Gaston special, Spirou #3762. I tweaked the title slightly.

Gaston phone home (Gaston téléphone maison) – Céline Fraipont & Pierre Bailly

A page for the Gaston special, Spirou #3762. Fraipont & Bailly are the authors of Petit Poilu.

(Sorry for the poor scan, by the way.)


Some tries they did for the “The Dark Side of the Z“‘s cover. :3

For information, here is the final version

There’s also an alternative cover for the standard edition of La Face Cachée du Z:

And another cover for the deluxe edition.

Somehow though… I prefer the designs in those little sketches!

(I guess the reason that Fantasio isn’t on the cover is that he barely has any role in the story… Bit of a shame.)